We think that the W288eco is probably the best domestic washing machine that you can buy today.

ISE W288eco Washing Machine :: 1800rpm 8kg load capacity washing machine from ISE with hot and cold water fill

Of course the feature of the W288 that attracts the most attention is the intelligent hot and cold fill which, unlike most other hot and cold fill washing machines that have been produced, intelligently mixes and balances the hot and cold water feeds on any wash above 30˚C. Any others that we have seen merely fill on the hot valve only, usually on only one special program and are not intelligent at all.

However there is a lot more to the W288's talents than just hot and cold fill.

It shares the same drum platform as the W256W with the same build quality and attention to detail, even on the parts that you cannot see, to offer better performance, cleaner clothes and a longer life including the unique Hydroactive drum design.

The W288 also offers you the option to spin laundry at up to 1800rpm to reduce tumble drying times wherever possible and saving energy not only in the wash, but also when tumble drying.

And this washing machine has what we think is one of the best user interfaces that we've ever seen on any washing machine by using a simple, intuitive and easy to understand LCD display that displays your program choice and any options in plain English making the machine simple to operate.

All these elements and much more combine to give what we think is the best domestic washing machine that you can own.

In this section you can explore and learn more about the W288eco from the pages below or you can use the menu system above.


Explore the W288eco washing machine

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  • W288eco features - An in depth look at many of the features of this superb washing machine
  • Hydroactive drum - We look at the unique drum design and explain why it is better for your laundry
  • Specifications - The features and specifications of the W288 listed in detail
  • Images - Our collection of images of the W288 both our own snaps and professional images
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