W288eco hot and cold fill washing machine soap drawerOur washing machines are produced to the highest quality standards being made for exceptional lifespan through increased durability and the use of high grade materials and rigorous testing procedures. Regardless of which model you choose, it will be built to last and to perform as you would expect producing exemplary washing results every time.

We don't like over-complicated controls after all, why would we make life more difficult? Through typical Swedish design, simplicity is key to making for a good experience.

Our washing machines do of course use advanced technologies and very clever engineering techniques like the Hydroactive drum but, they don't require you to fiddle with buttons, remember to set things up and so on or have gimmicky features that you'll probably never use. Just select which program you want, press start. That's it. The machine does the rest.

Our washing machines just work, simply, easily and keep on working. We don't want to complicate it.

We think that these are the best washing machines that you can buy with outstanding performance, robust build quality and an exceptional warranty.

In this section you can see all currently available washing machine models and any planned models for the 2013 model year which are the W256W and W288eco models.

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