Sadly ISE effectively ceased trading during November of 2014 due to a number of factors that all contributed to there being no alternative available but to close ISE.

We are very sorry that this has regretfully had to happen but, after funds ran out that have allowed the business to keep trading and servicing appliances in the field for the past eighteen months or more, continuing was no longer possible or legal.

We would like to thank the people that supported us and helped over the past nine years and we apologise for any inconvenience that this may give rise to.

We will try to answer some of the more commonly asked questions that we have been asked over the past few months to try to help people in the interim.

How can I get a warranty repair on my ISE?

Sadly, this is not currently possible as ISE was forced into a position where all staff had to be made redundant. 

This means that there is nobody available to process service calls, spare parts orders, pay repairers and so on. In short, there is no infrastructure to enable service.

What about the insured machines, surely I can get service?

Again, with no staff to do any of the legwork this is not possible and, nobody has shown any interest in carrying that work out as there is no profit in it.

Also, without the support for spares and distribution of spares service is untenable.

What about the warranty fund?

This has been used as we sought to find a buyer or even someone to just take ISE on as a going concern over the past eighteen months. Sadly we have not been able to find anyone willing to take the business on in this period.

The warranty fund did exactly as it was intended, it allowed service as normal to continue while the funds lasted but, once they were exhausted there was no income to continue to pay staff, spares, repairers and so on.

The warranty funds were always a finite resource and were only in place from early 2011 until late 2012 and also had to pay for ongoing service from 2011 onwards.

Can I claim my retailer for a new machine or a repair?

Some retailers may offer to try to help in some way but this will vary and, to our knowledge, they are not required to do.

Any whole refund is most unlikely, the best you could perhaps aim for is a partial refund based on the current market value of your machine taking into account the age with depreciation etc and, this is unlikely to be a large amount.

The warranty on ISE machines was a “free” manufacturer warranty included with the price of the machine in almost all cases and therefore sadly dies with the demise of ISE or any way by which to support that warranty.

Why did ISE fail?

There are a number of reasons all of which have contributed to the situation.

The closure and subsequent Swedish factory moving to Slovenia is one.

Removal of credit by Asko’s new parent company was another.

Fraudulent warranty claims was yet another.

Declining sales has also been a factor during a difficult trading period.

All of the above and more in isolation may have allowed ISE to continue but, in concert through 2013/14 they all contributed to a point were ISE was sadly no longer a viable business and put it in a position where it was trading insolvently which is not legal in the UK. This meant that there was no alternative but to close ISE down.

Some of these factors we could not have, in any way, have foreseen and most there were plans in play to account for one or perhaps two, but not all at once. We do not think anyone could have possibly foreseen these events in advance.

Is there any hope of a new owner?

As of the end of 2014, we are not at all hopeful of finding anyone to take the ISE business forward.

We had hoped to sell the business or, even simply to pass it on but we could not find anyone willing to take ISE on.

We would suspect however that, even if someone had done so, that they would not take on any liability for warranties issued before any change of ownership which is the norm in the appliance industry.

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