We believe that environmental damage in the East is primarily caused by factories making products for consumption in the West.

If the products we buy last longer the need to produce new ones is reduced and so is the environmental impact. ISE was formed to produce long life span domestic appliances and help break this destructive cycle.

For some years ISE have been a lone voice in the appliance industry in seeking to reduce global CO2 emissions by shrinking the UK domestic appliance market through bringing to market durable domestic appliances and encouraging repair and reconditioning over replacement.

Over time we have evolved our business model and the way our aftercare is funded to give our customers even better products and more flexible service.

The new range and all future product introductions will exclusively be supplied with commercial carcass for added durability and now with over 200 repairers nationwide your ‘local service is even more local’.

One fact still remains, which is that not everyone gains from increased lifespan as reduced consumption. This is not very attractive if your business relies exclusively on the sales of new products. Therefore, you will not see ISE in conventional large electrical retailers, they are exclusively available on-line, through independent service sellers whose survival is not reliant on ‘the next sale’ and for commercial clients who can contact us direct.

If you need to change one of your kitchen appliances consider ISE and help break the cycle of needless consumption

ISE washing machine, tumble dryer and drying cabinet

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